We started "Cruise and Good Radio"
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radio the first time, and now have returned
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Cruise N Good

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Posted 07/06/12
We are talking a hiatus from podcasting as we officially launch our new project The Cellar Radio, and a series of music & wine tasting trips. Find out more at, and continue to enjoys

Posted 01/06/12
Casey Anthony...she's alive and still pissing us off! Plus a quick way to make $1k, and the biggest hangover cities in America

Posted 12/20/11
Cruise N Good are getting ready for the holidays, plus Miss Manners names the most ill-mannered celebrity of the year...your guess?  Bet you know!!!

Posted 12/13/11
Alec Baldwin, is he funny, or needs anger
management classes? How would you "do-in" your spouse?...uhh hypothetically of course. Angie, watcher of many true-life crime shows tells us what not to do. And Tammy's trip to the dreaded unemployment department. Did she wear gloves to avoid touching anything?
Podcast 12/13/11

Posted 12/02/11
Does bad luck come in 3's? iPhone in the Wash, the wind blown fence, several fender-benders and more...let's discuss!
Podcast 12/02/11

Posted 11/28/11
I don't know why I'm laughing on this podcast about the lady pepper-spraying the other shoppers. It's just such idiocrasy!!! Tc
Also, CNG chat about Occupy Wallstreet, Twilight (don't get it??) and other movies to watch out for...
Podcast 11/28/11

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Salon Chat - Podcasts

Mark Garcia & Karen
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Salon Chat

24 JAN 2012

Demi in the hospital for exhaustion? Isn't this what they used to call a good ol' fashioned "nervous breakdown? Football, Seal & Heidi Klum, and the Oscars...anyone seen any of these movies?
Listen at Thursdays at 8:00a
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12 JAN 2012

Just 3 days old and the Jay Z, Beyonce spawn already has a hit single!! The group weighs in on all the hospital drama, Russel brand banned from the People's Choice Awards (they're talking Katy's side) and Chaz's choice of phallus. click here to listen

28 DEC 2011

Back from Christmas break and on to the year-end review. Can you believe readers on the Huffington post website didn't vote for Charlie Sheen and his Tiger Blood as the biggest story of the year? Find out what it was, plus drinking and internet shopping and Angie's styling malfunction...she still has some of her hair!
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Podcast 01/06/12 Casey Anthony
Podcast 12/20/11 Holidays
Podcast 12/13/11 Alec Baldwin
Podcast 11/28/11 Black Friday